Gauge Electronics

Analog LVDT, high precision linear gauge heads and air-to-electronic converters designed and manufactured by AGF Machining Solutions














C++ Programming

In-house program development for total solution from data collection to integrated gauge R&R


Functional Gauges

Hole Position Gauge for Torque Converter Drive

CMM Fixture for Torque Converter Drive
Self Centering Ball-Arbor locating
the part on Ø 289mm ID Regardless of Feature Size


Variable Gauges

Height Measurements on Differential Case

5 Different OD measurements on a Slide Gauge

Connecting Rod BoreCenter to Face Distance Measurement Slide Gauge


Semi Automatic Gauges

GM Connecting Rod measuring: Bore Ø , T.P and Chamfer Depth

Diameter and Ovality and Taper Measurement on the
Connecting Rod with Airspindle


Automatic In-Line Gauges

Fully Automated Inline Gauge for Differential Case

100% Inline Check of the Bore Diameter with Automatic Rejection

Fully Automated Inline Gauge for SteeringHousing with Robot Load/Unload  


3D Design and Modeling